Developing a Logistics Facilitation Monitoring Mechanism : The Next Step in Trade Facilitation Reforms

Author Name by Rajeev Kher and Pritam Banerjee
Author Name: 
by Rajeev Kher and Pritam Banerjee

Abstract: Trade facilitation has been focused on addressing issues related to customs clearance and regulatory processes of other agencies dealing with clearance of goods. However, addressing the overall incidence of transaction costs and systemic inefficiencies requires a much more holistic view of cross border movement of goods that include ground level challenges of port and airport operations. Even regulatory bottlenecks are often related to implementation issues at the ground level rather than policy. This paper discusses an alternative bottom-up approach for logistics facilitation based on monitoring ground level operational issues, and an institutional mechanism that can use this information to address facilitation challenges quickly in the Indian context

Keywords: Trade Facilitation, Logistics Facilitation, Big Data, Time Release Study, Reforms, Logistics Efficiency, Customs Reforms, Port Operations, Airport Operations, Cargo Management.