Discussion Papers


Abstract: Despite a plethora of programs for increased financial co-operation in Asia, there has been very little real progress in developing a regional architecture for financial co-operation in Asia.


Discussion Paper: # 132

The WTO’s Doha Negotiations: An Assessment

by Bhagirath Lal Das

Abstract: The lure of big benefits from successful conclusion of the multilateral negotiations and the risks of bilateral and regional routes if these negotiations fail should not be taken by the developing countries as determining factors in thei


Discussion Paper: # 131

Regional Cooperation and Integration Prospects in Asia

by Rajat Nag

Abstract: There is indeed a strong opportunity for South Asian countries to benefit from intensifying regional ties.


Discussion Paper: # 130

Deepening India–Bangladesh Economic Cooperation:Challenges and Opportunities

by Prabir De and Biswa N. Bhattacharya

Abstract: In recent years, South Asia has received growing attention as a region that is integrating successfully into the global economy.


Abstract: Since the Doha Ministerial, the developing countries have been raising issues related to the indigenous knowledge system (IKS) and access and benefit sharing (ABS) in context of conflict between the CBD and the TRIPs.


Abstract: In this paper the authors make an effort to address the concerned issues in light of Indian experience with the usage of ICT in trade transactions.

Discussion Paper: # 127

Brazilian Economy: Recent Evolution and New Perspectives for South-South Cooperation

by Maria Lúcia L.M. Pádua Lima

Abstract: The paper begins by analysing the Brazilian economic development stressing the external sector of its economy.


Discussion Paper: # 126

Welfare Gains from Regional Economic Integration in Asia: ASEAN+3 or EAS

by S.K. Mohanty and Sanjib Pohiti

Abstract: The experiences of Asian countries suggest that the region has substantial economic potentials and synergies between these countries can be better tapped with comprehensive economic cooperation.


Abstract: This paper summarizes the conceptual rationale for investment liberalization to fully exploit the potential of regional trading arrangements.


Abstract: The prospective entry of generic dominated Indian pharmaceutical sector in the ambit of new technologies is likely to give filip to emergence of strong biopharmaceutical sector.It is pertinent in this context to draw a p