Discussion Papers


Abstract: Indian and Chinese enterprises have emerged as important outward investors in recent times with their involvement in a number of prominent Greenfield investments and acquisitions.


Abstract: India’s presence in the East Asia Summit signals not only a victory for New Delhi’s “Look East” policy but also an implicit “Look West” policy on the part of India’s neighbors to the east.


Abstract: This paper presents the results of an empirical study of the Indian Poultry Industry which is specially focused on the social and environmental outcomes generated by the rapidly increasing scale of egg and broiler produc


Abstract: SSC and TDC in Asia-Pacific have grown in importance over the past decades with the rising complementarities and emergence of growth poles in the region and due to attention paid by the governments to regional economic c


Discussion Paper: # 144

Exchange Rate Pass-through in India’s Exports to Developed and Emerging Markets

by Sushanta Mallick and Helena Marques


Discussion Paper: # 143

Changing Economic Power in the World Economy

by Manmohan Agarwal

Abstract: The paper finds that economic performance of most regions of the world economy except Asia, both East and South, has suffered since the 1973- 74 price rise.


Discussion Paper: # 142

Transportation Cost and Trade Competitiveness: Empirical Evidence from India

by Prabir De and Bhisma Rout

Abstract: India has been witnessing a sharp rise in merchandise trade and showing greater trade interdependence on a large variety of goods, particularly in intermediate and capital goods.


Abstract:Developing countries have been characterized as having played an essentially defensive role in the GATT, unwilling to make tariff concessions, and have focused almost exclusively on securing Special and Differential Treat


Abstract: The recent spate of large cross-border acquisitions e.g.