Enhancing India-Myanmar Border Trade: Policy and Implementation Measures, Ministry of Commerce and Industry GOI and RIS

Author: Ram Upendra Das
Published Year: 2016
ISBN: 81-7122-116-3
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About the Book

There are various strategies with which countries can economically integrate with another countries, especially with  those  that  are  geographically proximate and share land borders. Myanmar is a country uniquely placed  to help integrate India not only  with  itself but also with  the countries of the South-east and  East Asian regions.  India-Myanmar border trade  or in other  words, trade  via land  borders, thus assumes special significance.

This study situates border trade  in a broader context  by highlighting some conceptual contours relating to development zone approach; a paradigm of peace­ creating prosperity; two-way causality between domestic and external imperatives; combining export-led growth with  growth-led export  strategy; and adopting an integrated approach towards trade  in goods,  trade  in services  and investment.

In doing so, the study incorporates insights gained from  field-visits while identifying potential and constraints. It also traverses into various infrastructural issues  both  hard  and  soft, and  in some  instances takes  into  account some  of the important non-economic issues.

Based its analysis, the study recommends policy directions and practical implementation measures to make the study relevant for an informed decision making process.