India and Sustainable Development Goals: The Way Forward

About the Report

India along with other countries signed the declaration on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, comprising of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the Sustainable Development Summit of the United Nations in September 2015. RIS through its work programme on SDGs in collaboration with UN in India pursued a rigorous research agenda to explore various facets of India’s negotiations, adoption and implementation of SDGs.....more

External Affairs Minister, Smt Sushma Swaraj launched the publication on 7 October 2016


  1. End Poverty in All Its Forms Everywhere
    Shahid Ahmed
  2. Hunger and Food Security Concerns for India
    Bharat Ramaswami
  3. Health for All by 2030: An Indian Perspective
    T. C. James
  4. India’s Steadfast Approach to Quality, Equity and Inclusion in Education: Views from Experts
    Based on deliberations at the National Consultation on Road to Sustainable Development Goals: Focus on Health and Education held on 9-10 February 2016.
  5. Gender Equality: Achievements, Gaps, Future Challenges and Implementation Framework to be adopted by India
    Nirmala Buch
  6. Sustainable Management of Water and Sanitation
    Indira Khurana
  7. Where are we on the Missing MDG – Energy?
    Kaushik Ranjan Bandyopadhyay and Kasturi Das
  8. Enabling Sustainable Development: Challenges to Job Creation in India
    Santosh Kumar Mehrotra
  9. Industrialisation, Innovation and Infrastructure for Achieving SDGs in India
    K.J. Joseph
  10. Trade, Infrastructure and Inequality: A Cross Country Analysis
    Saikat Sinha Roy and Rudra Prosad Roy
  11. Incorporating Resilience and Inclusiveness in Policy Framework of Urban Development: Indian Case
    Amitabh Kundu
  12. Sustainable Consumption and Production
    Nitya Nanda
  13. Sustainable Development for Climate Action
    Samir Saran and Vikrom Mathur
  14. Marine Resources and the Challenges to Sustainability
    Balakrishna Pisupati
  15. Sustainable Management and Use of Terrestrial Ecosystem
    Oommen V. Oommen and K. P. Laladhas
  16. Peace, Justice and Institutions to Ensure “No One is Left Behind”
    Amitabh Behar
  17. Means of Implementation: An Indian Perspective
    Sachin Chaturvedi, Sabyasachi Saha and Pratyush
  18. Technology Facilitation Mechanism (TFM): A Review of the Current Proposals and Way Forward
    K. Ravi Srinivas
  19. Financing for Development: Emerging Modalities
    Rathin Roy

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