Emerging Economies as Sources of Investment and Appropriate Technology: Case Study of India

Author Name by Sachin Chaturvedi
Author Name: 
by Sachin Chaturvedi

Abstract: BICS have developed strong linkages with fellow developing countries in the realms of trade, investment and technology. This paper analyses the major trends in India’s linkages with other developing countries with specific focus on technology. It has come out that there are several sub-fields of technology which are of economic importance where linkages of India in a South South cooperation framework have benefited several economies. The paper has elaborated upon select sectors with identification of possible factors facilitating these linkages. Four key drivers for South-South linkages are identified. viz. factor endowment, cost effective professional services, and ability to scale down. The collaborations have gone beyond manpower training programmes, skill upgradation to more substantive contributions like in production and exports of technology intensive goods and services.