Occasional Papers

Multinational Enterprises, Overseas R&D Activity and Global Technological Order

Occasional Paper No. 56

Published Year : 1998

Nagesh Kumar

Egyptian Approaches to Neo-Regionalism and Their Asian Implications

Occasional Paper No. 55

Published Year : 1998

Mohammad EL-Sayed Selim

Economic Liberalisation in South Asia Performance and Prospects

Occasional Paper No. 54

Published Year : 1998

Ric Shand

Economic Development in Sri Lanka during the 50 Years of Independence: What Went Wrong?

Occasional Paper No. 53

Published Year : 1998

Saman Kelegama

Multilateral Regime for Foreign Investment: An Assessment of the Emerging Trends

Occasional Paper No. 52

Published Year : 1997

Biswajit Dhar & Sachin Chaturvedi

Globalisation, Competition and Economic Stability

Occasional Paper No. 51

Published Year : 1997

V.R. Panchamukhi

Singapore's Foreign Direct Investment in Indochina & Myanmar: Opportunities & Challenges

Occasional Paper No. 50

Published Year : 1997

Joseph L.H. Tan

Mobilization of Domestic Financial Resources for Development: The Asian Experience

Occasional Paper No. 49

Published Year : 1996

Azizul Islam

The Uruguay Round Agreement - A Critical Appraisal

Occasional Paper No. 48

Published Year : 1995

Biswajit Dhar

Regional Integration and Development: Panacea or Pitfalls?

Occasional Paper No. 47

Published Year : 1995

Percy S. Mistry