Occasional Papers

How East Asia Grew So Fast? Slow Progress Towards an Analytical Consensus

Occasional Paper No. 46

Published Year : 1995

Ajit Singh

Developing Countries in the International Division of Labour in Design Engineering and Construction Services: The Case of India

Occasional Paper No. 45

Published Year : 1994

Nagesh Kumar and Sundeep Waslekar

Recent Developments, in Trade Theory and Practice

Occasional Paper No. 44

Published Year : 1994

V. R Panchamukhi

External Debt Crisis of Developing Countries: Its Emergence and Prospects

Occasional Paper No. 43

Published Year : 1993

Biswajit Dhar

Single European Market and India’s Trade: A Macroeconometric Analysis

Occasional Paper No. 42

Published Year : 1993

Rajesh Mehta

India and ASEAN: Issues in Sectoral Dialogue Partnership

Occasional Paper No. 41

Published Year : 1993

V.L. Rao and R. Upendra Das

Resource Mobilisation for South Asian Development: Role and Rationale of Substantial International Transfers

Occasional Paper No. 40

Published Year : 1993

Kalyan M. Raipuria and Purnima M. Gupta

Credibility Waves and the Stock Markets

Occasional Paper No. 39

Published Year : 1993

V.L. Rao

Response of Indian Firms to the Challenges of the Single European Market

Occasional Paper No. 38

Published Year : 1993

Sundeep Waslekar

Single European Market, Multinationals and Industrial Reorganisation: Implications for Developing Countries

Occasional Paper No. 37

Published Year : 1992

Nagesh Kumar