Occasional Papers

Exchange Rates and Underdevelopment: Observations on the ‘Realistic’ Devaluation Debate

Occasional Paper No. 36

Published Year : 1992

Jumanne Hamisi Wagao

National Sovereignty, External Dependence and the Government of Bangladesh

Occasional Paper No. 35

Published Year : 1992

Rehman Sobhan

Inflation in Asia: A Quantitative Analysis

Occasional Paper No. 34

Published Year : 1992

V. R. Panchamukhi and V.L. Rao

Sub-Regional Industrial Projects in Africa: A Review of the Western Experience

Occasional Paper No. 33

Published Year : 1991

Samuel Agonda Ochola

Macroeconomics and Trade Linkages in SAARC: An Econometric Model for India

Occasional Paper No. 32

Published Year : 1990

V.R. Panchamukhi and Rajesh Mehta

Lessons of the Negotiating Experience of Developing Countries in Selected International Economic Negotiations - An Analytical Framework

Occasional Paper No. 31

Published Year : 1990

Godfrey Gunatilleke and S. R. Breckenridge

Aid in the 1990’s with Special Reference to the World Bank and IDA

Occasional Paper No. 30

Published Year : 1990

J.L. Bajaj and V.R. Panchamukhi

Resources, Employment and Development Financing: Producing without Destroying - The Case of Brazil

Occasional Paper No. 29

Published Year : 1989

lgnacy Sachs

Non-Project Lending by the World Bank- Its Evolution from Programme to Policy Based Lending

Occasional Paper No. 28

Published Year : 1989

M. Narasimham

Structural Adjustment Lending - A Preliminary Analysis, Policy Based Lending of the World Bank

Occasional Paper No. 27

Published Year : 1989

Dragoslav Avramovic