Occasional Papers

Trade Liberalisation, The Tariff Foreign Price Paradox

Occasional Paper No. 26

Published Year : 1989

Rajesh Mehta and R. G. Nambiar

Growth, Trade and Structural Changes in the Asian Region

Occasional Paper No. 25

Published Year : 1989

V.R. Panchamukhi

Determinants of Traditional and New Forms of Foreign Investments: The Case of Indian Manufacturing

Occasional Paper No. 24

Published Year : 1989

Nagesh Kumar

Perferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States: Some Observations

Occasional Paper No. 23

Published Year : 1988

K. Rajeswaran

Regional and Sub-Regional Integration in Africa: Perspectives, Problematiques and Prospects

Occasional Paper No. 22

Published Year : 1987

Bingu Wa Mutharika

Economic Integration as a Pre-Requisite of Industrial Development: The Latin American Experience

Occasional Paper No. 21

Published Year : 1987

Felipe Herrera

World Trade Prospects

Occasional Paper No. 20

Published Year : 1987

Sidney Weintraub

Twenty Five Years of the Inter-American Development Bank

Occasional Paper No. 19

Published Year : 1987

Felipe Herrera

Development Dialogue in the 1980s and Beyond

Occasional Paper No. 18

Published Year : 1987

Sukhamoy Chakravarty

On the Reforms of the International Trading System

Occasional Paper No. 17

Published Year : 1987

Vijay Laxman Kelkar