Occasional Papers

The Functioning of the International Monetary System - A Critique of the Perspective of the Industrial Countries

Occasional Paper No. 16

Published Year : 1987

Arjun Sen Gupta

Agricultural Surpluses, Variable Land and Long-run Growth in an Open Dual Economy

Occasional Paper No. 15

Published Year : 1987

Ramesh C. Kumar

Economic Growth and the Terms of Trade of Primary Product Exporter - A Dynamic Analysis

Occasional Paper No. 14

Published Year : 1987

Ramesh C. Kumar

A Social Development Planning Model

Occasional Paper No. 13

Published Year : 1986

Syed Othamn Alhabshi and M.G. Kanbur

The Asian Clearing Union - Towards Monetary Cooperation

Occasional Paper No. 11

Published Year : 1986

B.K. Madan

Adjustment: To What End ?

Occasional Paper No. 10

Published Year : 1986

S. Guhan

The Bangkok Agreement — An Evaluation of Preferential Trading Arrangement in the ESCAP Region

Occasional Paper No. 9

Published Year : 1986

Indra Nath Mukherji

Industrial Cooperation among Developing Countries and the Role of UNIDO — Present and Future Perspectives

Occasional Paper No. 8

Published Year : 1986

S. Nanjundan

The Inequity of the International Economic Order: Some Explanation and Policy Implications

Occasional Paper No. 6

Published Year : 1985

Raj Krishna

Industrialisation, Foreign Capital and Technology Transfer - Mexican Experience 1930-1985

Occasional Paper No. 5

Published Year : 1985

Miguel Wionczek