The R&D Scenario in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Author Name by Reji K Joseph
Author Name: 
by Reji K Joseph

Abstract: A set of policy reforms have been introduced in the Indian pharmaceutical sector since mid-1990s, aimed at incentivizing the private sector R&D. Patent reforms was the most significant policy reform. An implicit assumption that the Indian pharmaceutical firms have become capable of developing new drugs underlined these reforms and it was expected that both the Indian firms and MNCs would invest in R&D on new drugs not only for diseases that are prevalent globally but also for diseases that are specific to India and other tropical countries. This discussion paper provides an analysis of the impact of these reforms on pharmaceutical R&D in India. It looks into the context in which the reforms were introduced, the nature and trends of R&D efforts and emerging R&D strategies.

KeywordsIndian pharmaceutical industry, R&D, policy reforms, patents, neglected diseases.