Asian Biotechnology Development Review Vol. 18 No. 2

Editorial Introduction
K. Ravi Srinivas
The Emergence of the Biosimilars: A Threat or an Opportunity For Biopharmaceutical Innovation System 
Pranav N. Desai
Moratorium on Genetically Modified Brinjal in India: Is Evidence- Based Policy making An Adequate Framework? 
Jacob Kalle and Haribabu Ejnavarzala
Perception of International Stakeholders on Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs) 
Ruth Mbabazi, Hashni Galhena Dissanayake, Joe Guenther and Karim Maredia
The Future of Genetically Modified Crops: Reflections on the NAS Report 
Amit Kumar
Report of Multi- stakeholder' Roundtable Discussion on "IPR, Access to Technology and Policy Deliberationst"   
Report of Roundtable on "Resolving Legal Ambiguity related to IPR and Access to Technology in Reference to Seeds Free Download
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