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Course Name

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Start Date


End Date


Aim & Objective

In the training, programme participants would be given a comprehensive orientation of the SDGs to help them absorb the priorities and inter-linkages of sustainable development in their development plan in a holistic manner. The emphasis would be to make the participants understand the technical features of the Agenda 2030 and their application in national contexts. 

The training programme seeks to expose the participants to the nuances of the sustainability debate. The programme would focus on local challenges and opportunities for implementation of SDGs in their sub-national strategies, regional context and their integration globally.

The programme emphasises on specialised areas like formulation of local plans, creating knowledge and information base (data and indicators) and tools for assessment. The programme would also encourage interaction and conversation among participants about grassroots issues and the way forward for implementing the SDGs by 2030.

The course would create an important platform for interactions and exchange of ideas as the course lectures would complemented by study tours and field visits that would provide practical and learning exposure.

Mode of Evaluation

Each participant is expected to make a power point presentation on a subject relevant to the programme. An assessment is made on the basis of the presentation and brief write-up.

Education Qualification

Minimum Graduation

Work & Experience

Experience in Policy/Research/Diplomacy/Management in the field of Social Science/Economic Development/ Environmental Economics/ Sustainable Development

Target Group

Junior to middle-level officials from Ministry of Planning/Economic Affairs/

Foreign Affairs/Commerce/Environment and related Ministries dealing with SDGs

Representatives from Research Institutions/Universities/Civil Society Organization engaged in SDGs