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  • Dr. Kanica Rakhra


    Dr. Kanica Rakhra is a Consultant at RIS, affiliated with the G20 Program. A former Fellow at Middlebury Institute for International Studies (MIIS), at the Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET) and the Harvard led-Arms Control Negotiation Academy (ACONA), she holds a PhD from the Center for International Politics, Organization, and Disarmament (CIPOD) in Jawaharlal Nehru University where she was an ICSSR Doctoral Fellow (2014-16).

    Prior to her position at RIS, Dr. Rakhra was working with the Policy Planning and Research Division (2016-17) and Disarmament and International Security Affairs Division (2017-2021) of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. She has worked on counter-terrorism, maritime security, nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, international security and a range of multilateral issues. She has also participated in a number of Track 1.5 and Track 2 dialogues, written chapters for books, and published articles in various journals.