Discussion Papers


Abstract:The paper tries to understand precisely how the food safety regulations applied by the industrialized countries have an effect on India’s export of processed food to these markets.


Discussion Paper: # 168

Technological Change and New Actors: Debate on Returns and Regulations

by Sachin Chaturvedi

Abstract: New technology in the seed sector has brought in new actors and new requirements for regulation.


Abstract: The contemporary world is witnessing certain critical changes in the domain of grain utilization.


Discussion Paper: # 166

Global Financial Crisis: Implications for Trade and Industrial Restructuring in India

by Prabir De and Chiranjib Neogi

Abstract: This paper investigates the impact of global crisis shocks on India’s trade and industry.


Discussion Paper: # 165

Are Trade Openness and Financial Development Complementary?

by Ram Upendra Das and Meenakshi Rishi

Abstract:Trade liberalization and financial deepening have assumed greater significance for a country’s economic growth performance in recent times.


Abstract:The primary objective of this paper is to find whether or not the governance and institutions matter for enhancing Asia’s trade.

dp163-Dr.  Ram Upendra Das

Discussion Paper: # 163

Rules of Origin under Regional Trade Agreements

by Ram Upendra Das

Abstract:Rules of origin (ROO) have emerged as an area in which consensus is hard to achieve among negotiating countries within an RTA.


Discussion Paper: # 162

Geographical Indications at the WTO: An Unfinished Agenda

by Kasturi Das

Abstract:Over the recent past, Geographical Indication (GI) has emerged as one of the most contentious categories of intellectual property (IP).


Abstract:Relations between India and Nepal have been bound by long-standing geographical, historical, cultural, social and economic ties that the peoples of the two countries have shared since times immemorial.

Abstract:Regional infrastructure is one of the major determinants of economic integration process.