Discussion Papers


Discussion Paper: # 122

Community-based Rights and IPR Regime: Revisiting the Debate

by Srividhya Ragavan & Jamie Mayer


Discussion Paper: # 121

India’s Rising Role in Asia

by Mukul G. Asher


Discussion Paper: # 120

Relevance of ‘Policy Space’ for Development: Implications for Multilateral Trade Negotiations

by Nagesh Kumar and Kevin P. Gallagher


Discussion Paper: # 119

India-Sri Lanka Bilateral Free Trade Agreement: Six Years Performance and Beyond

by Saman Kelegama And Indra Nath Mukherji

Abstract: India-Sri Lanka Bilateral Free Trade Agreement signed in1998 was a pioneering attempt in the direction of trade liberalization in South Asian region.


Abstract: Several South Asian countries have joined the current wave of bilateral and sub-regional free trade agreements (FTA) in the region.

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Discussion Paper: # 116

Addressing Global Growth Asymmetries through Regional Trade Integration: Some Explorations

by Ram Upendra Das & Ramaa Sambamurty

Abstract: Globalization process has entailed trade openness, greater emphasis on foreign direct investment, stabilization policies, redefining the role of the state, among others.


Discussion Paper: # 114

India’s Regional Trading Arrangements

by Rajesh Mehta and S. Narayanan

Abstract: This paper presents a brief non-technical overview of the conceptual basis of RTAs by highlighting the implications of concepts like trade creation and trade diversion.