Discussion Papers

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Discussion Paper: # 116

Addressing Global Growth Asymmetries through Regional Trade Integration: Some Explorations

by Ram Upendra Das & Ramaa Sambamurty

Abstract: Globalization process has entailed trade openness, greater emphasis on foreign direct investment, stabilization policies, redefining the role of the state, among others.


Discussion Paper: # 114

India’s Regional Trading Arrangements

by Rajesh Mehta and S. Narayanan

Abstract: This paper presents a brief non-technical overview of the conceptual basis of RTAs by highlighting the implications of concepts like trade creation and trade diversion.


Discussion Paper: # 113

FDI and Spillover Effects in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

by Annika Bergman

Abstract: Abstract: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is widely considered to be beneficial for the host economy since it can result in positive externalities (spillover effects) through various transmission channels, for instance, transfer of techn

Discussion Paper: # 112

Regional Cooperation for Asian Energy Security

by Vipul Tuli

Abstract: This paper attempts to convey three key messages: First, we believe interdependence in energy among Asian countries is vital for the economic development of key Asian countries.


Discussion Paper: # 111

Demographic Complementarities and Outsourcing: Implications and Challenges for India

by Mukul G. Asher and Amarendu Nandy

Abstract: This paper analyses the implications of differing global demographic trends for India’s competitiveness in outsourcing and offshoring. It also briefly notes the implications of differing demographic trends among the Indian states.


Discussion Paper: # 110

Reinventing UNCTAD: Some Proposals for the UNCTAD Mid-term Review

by Muchkund Dubey

Abstract: Developed countries have made a concerted effort to change and dismantle UNCTAD over a period of nearly 15 years. It may take the developing countries many years to revive and reinvent the organization.


Abstract: The current mandate of the Negotiating Group for Trade Facilitation (NGTF) is to clarify and improve the three articles, viz. Articles V, VIII and X of the GATT 1994.


Abstract: Despite some recovery in recent years, Central Asian Republics (CARs) remain in difficult economic situation and they present a serious challenge to Asia.