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  • Mr. Mahesh C. Arora
    Mr. Mahesh C. Arora
    Advisor (Admin & Accounts)

    Mr. Mahesh C. Arora is a Finance and Administration at Research and information System for Developing Countries.

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  • Anil kant sharma
    Mr Anil Kant Sharma
    Director (Finance and Administration)

DG Office

  • Tish-Kumar
    Mr. Tish Kumar Malhotra
    Head, DG’s Office

    Mr. Tish Kumar Malhotra is a Head, DG’s Office at Research and information System for Developing Countries.

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  • Ritu
    Ms Ritu
    Private Secretary

Publication Department

  • Mr-Sachin-Singhal
    Mr. Sachin Singhal
    Publication Assistant (Designing & Website)
  • sanjeev-kumar-karna
    Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Karna
    Publication Assistant

Library and Documentation Centre

Information Technology/Databases & Computer Center

  • Sushma-Bhat
    Mrs. Sushma Bhat
    Dy. Director (Data Management)
  • Satya-Pal
    Mr. Satya Pal Singh Rawat
    Junior Assistant
  • nisha-saini
    Mrs. Nisha Saini
    Web Developer

Finance & Administration

Secretarial Staff

  • Surender-Kumar
    Mr. Surender Kumar
    Private Secretary
  • Bindu-Gambhir
    Mrs. Bindu Gambhir
    Secretarial Assistant
  •  Gohar-Naaz
    Ms. Gohar Naaz
    Secretarial Assistant
  • Mr. Baljit
    Mr. Baljit
    Special Assistant
  • kiran
    Ms. Kiran Wagh
    Secretarial Assistant

Supporting Staff/Mult-Tasking Staff

  • jb-thakuri
    Mr. J.B. Thakuri
    Staff Car Driver
  • Raju
    Mr. Raju
    Multi-Tasking Staff
    Mr. Pradeep
    Multi-Tasking Staff
  • Raj-Kumar
    Mr. Raj Kumar
    Multi-Tasking Staff
  • Manish-Kumar
    Mr. Manish Kumar
    Multi-Tasking Staff
  • satveer
    Mr. Satyavir Singh
    Mult-Tasking Staff
  • Raj-Kumar-Sagar
    Mr. Raj Kumar Sagar
    Multi-Tasking Staff
  • Mr. Avinash Kapoor
    Mr. Avinash Kapoor
    Multi-Tasking Staff